After a couple of months, the idea of creating a design consulting agency has born fruit… juxy is born! With more than 10 years of experience designing, creating and modeling, I finally took the plunge. Innovation, exciting projects, designing and shaping ideas in a stimulating environment until delivery are my key motivations to pursue this adventure!
Julien Cornic, juxy founder


At juxy, we believe design is one of the most important steps in product conception: no matter how fabulous a product may be, if it’s poorly designed, it will miss its target.

Fast & easy browsing makes customers happy: have them find quickly what they are looking for, and you will have them come back time and again.

At juxy, our central premise is that design should always be user-oriented. Since the best-designed solutions result from understanding the needs of the people who will use them, we place your customers at the heart of product design.


juxy.fr publication is processed by WordPress and has been entirely designed and developed by juxy.draft design

If you’re interested in a website using WordPress, check out the services and portfolio sections… juxy can design and integrate most Content Management Systems (CMS), to produce quickly a flexible dynamic website!


Involved in Web technologies since 1996, Julien co-founded Sportprod in 2000. This web agency specialized in sports is now in charge of some of the most famous French websites in the field: Basketzone, BasketNews, Handzone, the French Athletics Federation.

Julien graduated in 2005 from Telecom Bretagne, the renowned French engineering school in Telecommunications and Information Technologies. He was then hired by Thomson, the leading global telecommunications company, as Lead Designer of IPTV and Cable solutions.

This position gave him the opportunity to manage successfully international design projects and prove his ability to stand out in a fast-paced and multi-tasking environment…

Today, juxy’s adventure goes on with the launch of juxy!


oct-08: juxy creation

apr-09: launch of juxy.fr

jan-10: launch of BasketUSA new version (User Experience oriented)

jul-10: new customers (Orange, Semsoft, KelBillet)

aug-11: launch of Pop & Sport and BasketEurope

oct-12: launch of Bons de réduction - La Bonne Reduc

our goal

Design and create simple, efficient, attractive user interface, where the end-user can easily find the information he is looking for…

what does juxy mean?

After an intensive brainstorming, the name "juxy" has finally been chosen. Quickly adopted, it was unanimously appreciated. Short, bright, dynamic, it represents values juxy wants to promote…


Julien enjoys expanding his knowledge about design consulting whenever his is able, but also enjoys travelling around the world, running, rock climbing and a little bit of slackline every now and then…

juxy combines know-how, from design through to development and integration, and great skills, professionalism, reactivity, creativity & communication. That’s precisely why we trust juxy in carrying out all our graphic and web projects.

Fabrice Auclert
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