At the beginning of december, BasketUSA (one of the most busiest basketball website in France) contacted us for a new design.

The brief was easy: modernize the design, bring some new functionalities… by keeping the spirit of the previous website (for not disturbing visitors habits).

BasketUSA / copie d'écran du site

BasketUSA / screenshot

The challenge was twofold:

  • Give a fresh look to the design by keeping in mind User eXperience and easy-navigation aspects.
  • Develop in a rigorous way (CSS, XHTML, js, jQuery) for optimizing server requests and manage WordPress integration for high-traffic website.
BasketUSA / différentes étapes du design

BasketUSA / design steps

First visitors feedbacks (link) are great and we hope juxy’s work will help BasketUSA improve its community experience.