tags "design"

Elderis website

Design and WordPress integration for Elderis website.

Jactiv website

Ergonomy and design of jactiv website.

Nexcom website

Nexcom website design & WordPress integration.

Telecom Bretagne Alumni

Design and WordPress integration of Telecom Bretagne Alumni website.

Video portal

Concept of a video portal design.

KelBillet design

Design of KelBillet website (homepage and search result page).

Elderis iPad

iPad application design for Elderis firm.

Pop & Sport website

Design and WordPress integration for Pop&Sport website.

QuelleEnergie sales brochure

Design and layout of QuelleEnergie sales brochure.

Thelem design

UX and Design for Thelem extranet portal.


Design and WordPress integration for Diwel website.

Nanterre website

Nanterre basketball website design.

Autosource website

Design and WordPress integration of autosource website, french webportal on carnews.

Semsoft website

Design and drupal integration of semsoft website.

Invitation card

Invitation card for a wine tasting.


CBP website design.


Design of various graphical items (banners / pages) for KelBillet.com website.

Unibet integration

Design / Intégration XML / jQuery / AJAXDesign and Unibet integration (jQuery / XML / AJAX) for BasketUSA website.


Design of various graphical items for Weem website.

BasketUSA v2

basketusa_v2Launch of BasketUSA new version (High-traffic basketball portal with around 5.000.000 of pageviews per month). The aim was to modernize the design without disturbing visitors habits, understanding the needs of the people who will use it and place end-customers at the heart of product design.

Puissance7 v2

puissance7_v2Update of Puissance7 website design.

Finaltis / Greeting’s

finaltis-greetingsGreetings card for Finaltis customers.

BasketUSA new design

At the beginning of december, BasketUSA (one of the most busiest basketball website (more…)

Services Médico-Scientifiques

Design et WordPress integration for “Services Médico-Scientifiques” website.

Last reference

Last reference for juxy.fr : hoopsnotes.com ! (more…)

juxy release!

Weeks of work have come to a happy ending: we are proud to announce the launch of juxy.fr! (more…)


juxyjuxy.fr design. The website delivers high-quality content using the best design for an instant understanding of who we are and what we can do for you.


koolyoomPage layout & design (XHTML / CSS). Koolyoom is a startup company.

Quimper Steir-Odet

quimperDesign and wordpress integration

Juxy absorbed and understood the requirements very well and integrated a great solution which was exactly what we needed. Final end customer expressed great satisfaction with the result also.

G. Wellington